Waiting on the World to Change

Courtesy of Danielle Coke from instagram.com/ohhappydani

I’ve rewritten this post so many times because I want to say something, but I’m also not sure what to say aside from my heart hurts so much. The racial injustices that happen daily in the United States of America need to stop and maybe, just maybe, we have hit a turning point where change will finally happen.

Education is what is needed now more than ever for us as a society to understand what is happening and how to effectively bring about change. I’ve spent the past few days educating myself where I could because I realize as a Jew, when an anti-Semitic attack happens, I know right away which organizations to follow and put my support behind and I wanted to do the same here and follow and give to the organizations where it matters most, but I wasn’t sure where to turn.

By no means do I consider myself an expert in any way on how to show your support, but I wanted to share the resources and organizations I have been turning to recently.

Through ActBlue, you can donate to 13 different organizations at once by either splitting your donation evenly or allocating how much each organization gets. Below are the list of organizations with a link to each if you would like to learn more about each or donate to them directly.

If you are of voting age, make sure you are registered to vote in the United States. All elections matter, from your local town and state officials to your federal government officials. By exercising your right to vote, you are allowing your voice to be heard on all issues that matter to you and those around you.

Learn how to become an effective ally and how you can support and make a concerted effort to better understand the struggle.

Add books by Black authors to your reading list. There are so many lists circulating with fiction and nonfiction books to read, some I’ve been adding books to my to be read list from include BiblioLifestyle’s 27 Books by Black Authors, Book Riot’s 45 Books By Black Authors You Can Pre-Order, and Essence’s 14 Summer Books by Black Authors. Want to order either books from these lists or in general? Consider supporting Black-owned bookstores with 12 places to shop courtesy of BuzzFeed News.

“We will fight, not out of spite
For someone must stand up for what’s right
Cause where there’s a man who has no voice
There ours shall go singing” – Hands by Jewel

2 thoughts on “Waiting on the World to Change

  1. Wonderful post!! It’s so important, thank you for taking the time and putting this together!

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