Web Finds: Quarantine Edition

Ocean therapy in Long Beach, NY. Photo by Alyson Goodman.

How is everyone holding up with your stay at home quarantine? This is week six for me and as much as I can be a homebody at times, at least before I had the luxury of going out and doing things when I wanted to. Now, I’m really only going out when I need to go to a store and when I do that, I feel like I’m on Supermarket Sweep, get all the essentials you can as quickly as possible and then get back home!

I’m sure for many of you, working from home can be extremely stressful — I’ve definitely been putting in many more hours each day than normal and find it is very hard to “turn off” from work at the end of the day when there is no separation between office and home. Each week I’ve been trying to distance myself where I can, its been a struggle and I’ve actually been turning to here as a little escape. I’ve been fixing up things on the backend that I have been putting off for months, and it has been some mindless work that has helped me decompress at the end of some long days.

Here are some things I’ve liked from around the web, that have also been a needed distraction through everything that is going on.

Waterdrinker Family Farm & Garden’s Tulips: I discovered this farm last year on my many trips to the North Fork and when I saw that they host a tulip festival in the spring, I could not wait to attend it this year. Sadly, the coronavirus cancelled this year’s festival, but on Waterdrinker’s Instagram account they share daily photos of the rows and rows of beautiful tulips and the other flowers growing at the farm and it definitely is a welcome sight to see. There is always next year to get to go to the festival!

Parade’s 22 Best New Fiction Books to Read During Quarantine: I’ve cut down on my TV watching during this because the constant news reports are enough to make you stressful. I have a number of things to watch on all the streaming services I subscribe to, but for me, I love to escape with a book, and Parade’s list of recently released and soon to be released books have been added to my ever growing to be read list.

Spotify’s As Heard on Station 19 Playlist: Recently, I’ve been a more casual watcher of Station 19, but the show in my opinion has always had such great music. After listening to the latest Of Monsters and Men and Jimmy Eat World albums too many times while working, I started searching for random music on Spotify and came across a playlist featuring the songs heard on all three seasons of the show. With more than 100 songs on the playlist, it is the perfect background music for a long day of work and I’ve discovered so many new artists from it.

Betches European Wine Tour: I saw this video on Instagram and thought it was hilarious and have definitely watched it way too many times!

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