Be Kind

Nothing like a worldwide pandemic to break me out of my blogging slump! Life has gotten in the way, but with everything going on right now, I wanted to pop in to say even though we are facing very uncertain times, it is still cool to be kind!

For the past two days, I’ve stood on line in grocery stores stocking up on some essentials to get me through the next few days. With the possibility of working from home in my future and the fact that when I normally grocery shop, I never buy enough to get me through the week, I am one of many who of course was not prepared for the situation we are in. With a lack of necessities at yesterday’s stop, this morning I stood on line a half hour before Trader Joe’s opened with the hope that they at least had eggs and while most people were respectful, of course you encounter a few who are not. My left shin will be sporting a very huge black and blue mark tomorrow from the person who felt it was necessary to slam their shopping cart into my leg multiple times and I’ll hope that karma catches up to the person in front of me who tripped over his own feet and felt the need to turn around and curse me out for it.

We’re all in the same boat. We all need food, and water and paper goods. Do we need 10 packages of toilet paper if we are only one person, no. Be respectful of others who need stuff just like you. If there are only 2 gallons of milk left and you grab them both, pass one to the mother behind you who now cannot provide it for her children. If your shopping cart is blocking the way for someone to get through, move it over and let them pass. If your hands have already touched the door, hold it open for someone else instead of slamming it on them. Humanity still needs to exist in times like this, we need it now more than ever. Stay safe and healthy out there!

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