Summer Days

Early morning waves at Long Beach, NY. Photo by Alyson Goodman.

I grew up in a beach town, I had the luxury of living three blocks from the beach, so within a matter of minutes my toes could be in the sand. And yet, I used to say that I hated the beach. I love to swim and pools are always better for that then the ocean. I get one piece of seaweed that touches my toe and I freak out and think its a jellyfish!

Over time, I did realize that at heart, I’m a beach girl, I just prefer it to a different time of day than most people do, early in the morning. Any time prior to 8 a.m. is my ideal time to spend on the beach when its quiet and empty and I can relax and reflect.

A few months ago, I moved away from the beach, not far, only 15 minutes away a few towns over, but ever since I left it, I realize how much I miss it. And maybe it has to do with my new living situation not being ideal, but that saying you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, has really rung true. Lately, any time I can reconnect with the beach lately, I’ve been taking it!

That new apartment I was so excited about a few months ago, that excitement unfortunately has not lasted. Thankfully, I only signed a one year lease, so in a few months I can bid adieu. I’m dreading looking for a new place, especially since the search for where I am now took so long, I’m talking years, but it has taught me a lot about what I’m looking for in my next place.

Since life has thrown me some curveballs over the past few months, I don’t even remember the last time I picked up my camera and explored a garden! I’m looking forward to the sunflowers starting to bloom on the North Fork of Long Island in the next few weeks, so I’ll be making some trips out there to capture them and hopefully get my creativity back.

I wanted to share two new Instagram accounts I have, skybluepinkbooks and skybluepinkphotography. I was going to make one account for this site, but since both topics are very different, I thought it was best to split. I still have my personal account, but I think my friends start to get sick of my non-stop flower posts when I get on a roll, so I wanted to keep things separate. Feel free to follow me on any or all of those accounts!

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