Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

Introducing Harley, my dog who is literally all ears! At the end of November, my dog Riley who we had for 12 years passed away and it was an incredibly heartbreaking loss. As much as I love dogs, I just didn’t think I was mentally prepared for another one, despite how empty the life felt without one. A local rescue organization holds adopt-a-thons every weekend at different pet stores and on New Year’s Eve we went to the event with two other dogs in mind that we had been following on their website and Facebook page, but fell in love with her as soon as we saw her.

Harley, who was originally named Simone, was laying so quietly in her little area and you could see right away that she had some kind of surgery on her hip area. She has quite a backstory, originally from Texas, she was either born with a hip problem or at some point in her life, was hit by a car. We don’t know if she was in an area affected by Hurricane Harvey and was found during the rescue efforts. She was originally rescued by one group in Texas, but we are guessing because she needed surgery, was dumped at a high-kill shelter. Thankfully, an incredible woman in Texas who rescues animals from the high-kill shelter found her and got her out. In November, she had surgery to correct her hip and by the middle of December she had arrived in New York to the rescue group we adopted her from.

The doctors in Texas who did her surgery said she would make a full recovery. When we got her, she could put weight on her back legs but you could see she was still healing. Fast forward a week later and she was leaping onto the couch, jumping off it with no problem and running around like it wasn’t an issue.

With the theme for the weekly photo challenge being beloved, I wanted to share the newest member of the family. In the month that we’ve had Harley, she is a completely different dog than the one we originally saw at the event. No longer shy, she uses all her paws to let you know when she wants something. She doesn’t understand why the cat has no desire to play with her despite bringing over every toy to her. After one day with her, I realized I was ready for another dog and now, I can’t imagine life without her!

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