Happy New Year

Photo by Alyson Goodman

Happy New Year! For the past few years, I have been sharing my resolutions on here thinking it would help me stick to them. Like most resolutions, I have failed at completing the majority of them, but some have stuck. In keeping with tradition, I wanted to share what I’m hoping to accomplish in 2018.

A better work/life balance
I actually got like a two week head start on this one, when I put it into effect in December. Last year, one of my resolutions was to learn to say no and while it did take me a few months to finally start putting it to use, it did help me shift my mindset on a bunch of things and showed me that my work/life balance was more like 80/20 percent instead of 50/50. Sometimes, the 40 hours I spend at work is never enough time to get everything done so most nights and weekends, my work comes home with me. Does my job require me to bring work home? No, but my thinking is it is so much easier to get it done today than do it tomorrow and back myself up with more work. I started to learn to walk away when I’ve worked my 8 hours for the day and reduce the number of times I check my work email for something that can be dealt with the next day. Here is hoping I can keep this going all year long.

Get out and photograph
This seems to be on the list every year and in 2017 I barely went out and explored with my camera. It is one of my favorite things to do and how I love to spend my weekends and looking back at my lack of photos from 2017 was a huge bummer. So it is going back on the list for 2018 and hopefully if I put the first resolution to use, I can accomplish this one as well.

What are your resolutions for 2018? Here is to hoping that 2018 is a great year and that we all stick to those resolutions we set!

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