Weekly Photo Challenge: Textures

Sea shells in Long Beach, NY. Photo by Alyson Goodman.

No trip to the beach to me is complete without coming home with at least one sea shell. Usually in my case, it is at least 15 or more to add to my ever growing collection. When you find ones that are not broken, it is so hard not to bring them all home.

With the weekly photo challenge being textures, I wanted to share a photo from an impromptu photo shoot at the beach I had to have with some sea shells I collected. With the placement of the sand on the black sea shell, I couldn’t resist snapping some photos as soon as I collected the shells. There is such a mix of textures in the photo, you have the smoothness from some of the shells, some have some raised bumps and lines, plus the sand on it’s own is rough, but when it is in a group it is smooth.

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