Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage

Old Westbury Gardens, photo by Alyson Goodman

Every week I contemplate a visit to Old Westbury Gardens on the weekends and it has either been raining, way too hot or I’ve been busy. Shockingly, I have not been yet this year since the gates opened in April, I’ve been visiting some other gardens in the interim, but I am making it a point to get there in the next few weeks since the dahlias should be on display. The evening hours have also been extended during the weekday so I’m thinking a dusk visit to the gardens might make for some great photographs.

Since I haven’t paid a visit yet, I’ve been looking through some of my photos from last year because I love to capture the gardens at different times so I can always discover a new flower that I had not photographed the year before. With the theme for the weekly photo challenge being collage, I wanted to share this photo of different varieties of primroses mixed in with other flowers and trees along my favorite brick walkway, the primrose path.

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