Summer Roses

Roses at Clark Botanic Gardens in Albertson, NY. Photo by Alyson Goodman.

A couple of years ago on a whim, I decided to check out Clark Botanic Garden, a place I had heard existed, but knew nothing about. You can drive right past the garden and have no clue what sits behind the tree lined fence. I figured since there isn’t an admission or parking fee like most of the other gardens on Long Island, if there was nothing to see than I could just head back on the road to Old Westbury Gardens.

That gamble turned into one of my favorite places to do flower photography at. From cherry blossoms to rows after rows of tulips in the spring to sunflowers and rose garden filled with so many different varieties in the summer, some of my favorite pictures have come from Clark. Now, I work within a five minute drive from the garden so when the weather is nice, I always find the perfect excuse to take my lunch break outside and explore.

The first round of roses in the rose garden are in full bloom and I had the whole garden to myself the other day to photograph the flowers!

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