Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Allium at Old Westbury Gardens in Old Westbury, NY. Photo by Alyson Goodman.

One of my favorite parts of photography is the editing process since you sometimes discover things you didn’t realize were in the shot. Little details may not always show up in the viewfinder, like the surprise in this photo, a lady bug just hanging out on the left side of the allium. It wasn’t until I got home and opened my photos in Photoshop that I noticed the lady bug, and it just made me love the photo even more!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

  1. I often take my camera and just snap a pic of anything I see. Many times with creative angles, going off manual and seeing what auto focus comes up with. I get home, plug it into my computer, and see what wonders I have. I love that feeling of when you land a gem.

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