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Courtesy twitter.com/emmafreud
Courtesy twitter.com/emmafreud

Love Actually Sequel Photos: Love Actually is one of my all-time favorite movies and no matter how many times I watch it, I will still cry at the end. When it was announced that for England’s Red Nose Day on March 24 that a 20 minute sequel was in the works, I could not be happier. Luckily many photos from cast members returning to their roles from the original film have been posted. First we got Daniel and Sam and now we get David and Natalie, I’m still waiting for Jaime and Aurélia.

Woman Visits Every Country on Earth: This to me is the ultimate travel dream, Cassie De Pecol spent 18 months and 26 days visiting 196 countries and becomes the new Guinness World Record holder. I’ve only been to 3 countries, 4 if you count the half a day spent in the airport in China, so I’m hoping that soon I’ll get to double the list. To have the opportunity to visit all of the countries that she did is amazing, even if you don’t get to see everything. You can see photos from her travels on the Instagram account @expedition_196.

Essential Oils You Need This Season: A few months ago I jumped on the essential oils train when I had a horrible migraine that no amount of Advil could help. I had heard that lavender oil could help and since I had a small bottle of the oil decided to give it a try and it did help the migraine a lot. I also use essential oils to help my sinuses when the weather decides to make them act up. The guide from Brit + Co is helpful if you want to know the best oils to use for what.

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  1. I recently got into essential oils too! Thanks for the link to the article. Right now I just have a few basic oils but already feel myself getting addicted. 🙂

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