Nepal: Part One

Nepal - Photo by Alyson Goodman
Rooftops in Kathmandu, Nepal

I returned from my trip to Nepal one week ago and it was definitely an adventure of a lifetime. From my friend’s wedding to the sights we saw, to riding through the crazy streets and the views from the mountain, I couldn’t ask for better memories from the trip.

Prior to my friend planning her wedding in Nepal, the country was never on my radar to visit. If I had the money and enough time off of work I would love to travel all over the world because my dream is to have a passport where every pages is filled with stamps. Since I never thought I would be traveling to Nepal, I really went into the country not knowing anything aside from Mount Everest is there and thanks to Instagram some places in Kathmandu that I wanted to check out. After spending a week in the country, I wish it was on my radar beforehand because I honestly cannot wait to go back! There is still so much to see that we didn’t have time to see both in Kathmandu and in Ithari, another city we were in.

Nepal - Photo by Alyson Goodman
The view of Mount Everest from the airplane.

From Kathmandu we took a domestic flight to the first city we stayed in Biratnagar and thanks to two flights back and forth and our flight into and out of Kathmandu, I was able to see Mount Everest from the plane four times. You may think a mountain may not stun you from a plane but I was in awe seeing it up as close as I would ever get to it. Staring at it doesn’t get old especially when you realize so many people will never have the opportunity to see it.

There is so much to see in Kathmandu, we unfortunately only had a day so we went to Swayambhunath and shopped along the streets in Thamel. We never got to Durbar Square, a place I wanted to visit, so a return trip is just going to have to happen.

Nepal - Photo by Alyson Goodman
The foggy view from the mountains in Dharan.

The mountain views are incredible! The only problem we encountered was that it was incredibly foggy on our trip so the fog hindered the views a little. Even with the fog, the view could not be beat. We got to the mountain range later in the day than we anticipated thanks to traffic, so we didn’t get to hike down to the waterfall unfortunately. As a New Yorker, someone who deals with traffic on an every day basis, traffic in Nepal makes New York look like nothing. There are no traffic lights, so that took a lot of getting used to and people drive on both sides of the streets to get around each other.  At one point I was convinced we actually drove down a sidewalk to get around other cars. The drive up the mountain is not for the faint of heart with all the curves and not being able to tell if a car is coming in the opposite direction.

Nepal - Photo by Alyson Goodman
More mountain views in Dharan.

When I came home, as nice as it was to sleep in my own bed, I already missed Nepal. We spent so much time traveling to get there, 15 hours first to China and then another 4 hours to Nepal from there, but I would do it all again. The wedding was amazing, I’m sad my henna from the pre-wedding festivities is quickly fading away. I’ll share photos from Swayambhunath in an upcoming post.

4 thoughts on “Nepal: Part One

  1. Wow, I’ve added another destination to my travel bucket list. Your photos are gorgeous (I feel like I say the same thing over and over in each comment)! 🙂

      1. Certainly amazing place, being married to a Nepali for 45 years has given me wonderful access, family and friends. Have just decided to dig out my old battered journal from 1983 and start blogging it! 👍🕉👫

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