Happy New Year

Photo by Alyson Goodman. Do not use without permission.

Happy New Year! For the past two years I have listed my new year’s resolutions on here and have failed at following through on them, but I figure I’ll give it another try for 2017.

Learn to say no
2016 was the year that I learned it is okay to have a voice and to use it. While I’m still fully working on it — the concept doesn’t come that easy when you spent years not using that voice — I want to continue finding that voice in 2017. It is okay to say no to things, to not always be the person willing to do everything and then get annoyed after when no one is helping or you feel like everything is falling on you. I want to continue fighting for what I think is worth fighting for and offering my opinion on things instead of keeping it to myself.

Digital detox
I spend 8 hours a day at work, come home and then either work from my phone or computer. And this habit continues into the weekend after I’ve worked my 40 hours for the week. Does work require me to do this? Not at all, but I have that mentality that oh I’ll just check my email real quick and down the rabbit hole I go. There are times when it is much easier to do things at home without the distractions of meetings, phone calls, etc. and I can’t see myself stopping completely but there are times I just need to step away from any electronic device and stop and smell (and photograph) the roses.

What are your resolutions for 2017? Here is to hoping that we all stick to our resolutions and that 2017 is a great year.

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