Recent Reads: November and December


My goal this year was to read 30 books and I surpassed it by reading 37 and I’m currently on 38 now. Onto trying to beat that goal again in 2017.

What Was Mine by Helen Klein Ross
One of my favorite books growing up was The Face on the Milk Carton and this in a way felt like the grown up version of that book. While shopping in Ikea, Lucy comes across a baby left in a shopping cart and walks off with her and raises her as her own daughter, Mia. Marilyn, the mother of Mia whose real name is Natalie has never given up hope that her daughter is alive and in a twist of fate follows a trail to start to put the pieces together. I don’t want to say more without spoiling it because I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.

The Perfect Neighbors by Sarah Pekkanen
Newport Cove is the safe town where you think everyone is picture perfect, but everyone has their secrets. After reading Big Little Lies this year, I kind of felt like this was a stripped down version of the book. The three main characters Kellie, Susan and Tessa, really only Susan’s story to me was the one that I wanted to read about. It wasn’t the worst book I read this year at times it was decent but it also really wasn’t memorable.

The Regulars by Georgia Clark
I was looking forward to reading this book, waited so long for it on the library waiting list and was so disappointed by it! Friends Evie, Krista and Willow all dislike something about themselves and when Krista is given a magical potion that turns them into gorgeous supermodel-like women they think they have it all. In order to read this book you have to forget about logic because you will be questioning everything if you do not. I found the story to be quite stupid, not the witty and funny story reviews said it was.

Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler
A common theme I noticed in a lot of the books I read this year was how much I hated the main character and Tess in Sweetbitter was definitely one of the worst. There were so many times in the book where I was like you cannot be serious, especially any parts of the book that contain Jake, her coworker who she is in love with. Tess moves to Brooklyn and gets a job working as a backwaiter in a restaurant that sounds like Danny Meyer could own. The story follows her over a year as she (sort of) learns about herself, expands her food and wine knowledge and friends her coworkers by drinking and doing drugs with them. The book that people said was a spectacular debut, I did not see it. Not only is Tess incredibly unlikable but when she finally starts to show a glimmer of growth, the author rips it away by having her do something ridiculous right before  the end.

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