Recent Reads: October


Invincible Summer by Alice Adams
There were so many times I contemplated giving up on this book because I absolutely hated it! I try not to give up on books because some of my favorites have started slow, but I kept waiting for this to get better and it didn’t. The book follows 4 friends from college, Eva, Slyvie, Benedict and Lucien and the 18 years that follow. Eva is the main character and like most of the characters in the book I found her very unlikable. The character of Slyvie gets redeemed three-quarters of the way into the story, but at that point I just really did not care enough about these characters to get too invested in her story. The last few chapters were probably the best and most honest about the characters in the book,  I just wish it wasn’t when I was almost done with the book that I got into it a little.

The Two-Family House by Lynda Cohen Loigman
I was having such bad luck with the past few books I read so it was so nice to read a book that I absolutely loved and could not put down that I finished it in 2 days. The story starts off in Brooklyn in 1947 when the characters of Rose and Helen, married to brothers Mort and Abe have babies born minutes apart in the middle of a blizzard in the two-family house that they share. Before the babies were born Rose and Helen were almost like sisters but after the night of the babies birth, when in a split second they make a choice that remains a secret between the two of them, their relationship unravels quickly. The story is told from the perspective of multiple members of the family so you understand how the fallout affected everyone. I highly recommend the book, even though it is easy to put together the secret that Rose and Helen share, you need to know what happens when people start to find out.

Oh! You Pretty Things by Shanna Mahin
I did like the book minus two major flaws, the main character Jess I really started to dislike towards the middle of the book and the story really starts to drag after a few chapters. Jess, who loves celebrity gossip magazines and has a horrible relationship with her mother lands not one but two celebrity personal assistant jobs. The premise of the book sounds cute until Jess goes to work for her second celebrity Eva and the whole time you want to shout at Jess to just stand up for herself. In between all this her mother comes to live with her in Los Angeles and Jess wants nothing to do with her. Then at the end you are thrown a curveball and I feel like had that curveball come up sooner the story could’ve been so much better and fleshed out.

Younger by Pamela Redmond Satran
This is the book that the television show is based off of and even though I am seriously behind in catching up to the current episodes — I still haven’t gotten past the third episode of season two — I really loved the first season of the show and wanted to read the book. Really cute story, aside from some name changes like Liza’s character is Alice in the book and a few plot points, most of the book story follows what happens in the first season of the show. Though I like the character of Josh much more in the show than in the book, his book character is a little too unbelievable in the things that he does and his reaction to Alice’s secret. If you like the show it is definitely worth it to read and it is a super quick read.

I’m Glad About You by Theresa Rebeck
I think I would’ve liked the book more if the ending went a different way, I felt like I got so invested in the characters of Allison and Kyle only to be a little disappointed in the end. Allison and Kyle dated on and off through high school and college but went their separate ways when neither one will give up their dreams. Allison moves to New York and becomes an actress and Kyle stays in Cincinnati and becomes a pediatrician. Over the next few years when they run into each other it is awkward and the love that they shared for each other haunts them and has them always questioning what if. Allison becomes famous and Kyle marries and when they have everything they thought they want they realize how unhappy they are. I feel like the end just lacks closure for the characters and the reader.

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