Hollywood comes to Long Island

Courtesy cbs.com
Courtesy cbs.com

This past Friday night, I had the opportunity to be in the studio audience for the taping of Kevin James’ new CBS show Kevin Can Wait. The best part of it is that the show is not taping in California, it is taping in Long Island, in Bethpage to be more specific at Gold Coast Studios, 20 minutes from where I live and around the corner from where I went to college. Kevin James is from Long Island and decided to film the show here which is the first sitcom to be filmed on Long Island.

A few weeks ago I found out that you could sign up for potential tickets to the show and since one of the tapings fell on my birthday I figured it was worth a shot and last week I found out that I would be going. Once they seated everyone they showed us the pilot episode that will be airing tomorrow night and it was so funny. Kevin James’ comedy special Sweat the Small Stuff is my all-time favorite comedy special, so I’ve always been a fan but you are laughing throughout the entire episode. After the episode ended they introduce all of the cast, which they ended up filming live on Facebook.

The episode that they filmed is the fifth episode and will be airing around mid-October. They filmed 11 out of 13 scenes on Friday, 2 scenes were outside scenes that were filmed a different day, but they play those back for you so you aren’t missing any piece of the storyline. In between scenes comedian Joey Kola entertains the audience and there is also a DJ playing music. Joey kept joking about giving us food and after we were sitting for about an hour he along with 2 cast members come out with these giant bags of candy for the audience. He also joked about giving us pizza and about a half hour later we were all passing plates of pizza around for people to take.

The episode was funny, it isn’t fabricated laughter you are hearing when you are watching this show. There is no laugh sign, they tell you if you think it is funny to laugh and I don’t know if I have ever laughed as much as I did that night. There was one scene especially which they had to shoot multiple times because we were hysterical and the cast could not stop laughing either during it. Some scenes were shot multiple times because they tried out different jokes to see which ones we gave the best reactions to.

After the show was over Kevin stayed around to sign autographs and take pictures. When it was my turn to go up I told him that he made my birthday incredible and he was like it’s your birthday, happy birthday! He is so genuine and down to earth, he thanked everyone for coming out to the show and took the time to meet everyone who wanted to meet him.

I highly recommend the show, it will definitely make you laugh. I hope it does well and gets picked up for a full season and more seasons after that because what Kevin is doing by having the show filmed on Long Island is great and I would love the opportunity to get to be in the audience again.

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