Web Finds

Some of my favorite finds from the web.

Courtesy of mashable.com
Courtesy of mashable.com

Saved by the Bell themed restaurant: I’m ready to book a flight to Chicago to go to Saved by the Max a Saved by the Bell themed pop up restaurant. The menu features items like the I’m So Excited Cocktail, AC Sliders, Snack Attack Dessert, Bayside Burger and more.

Popsugar’s Best 2016 Summer Books: My to be read list of books definitely grew a lot with Popsugar’s list of 30 books written by Brenda Janowitz, author of The Dinner Party which is also on my list of books to be read.

Domino’s 300 Square Feet Studio Apartment Tour: As someone who has been looking into studio apartments to live in, I’m always inspired by the way people decorate their’s. Refinery29 beauty editor Maria Del Russo let Domino into her studio apartment to share how she decorates and how to make the most of living in 300 square feet.

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