Red Carpet Style: Academy Awards

My favorite part of the Academy Awards isn’t the actual show, but the red carpet beforehand to see all of the fashion. I rarely see any of the nominated movies before the award show airs, so instead of picking my favorites to win, I pick my favorite dresses instead.


My top three best dressed were Jennifer Garner, Brie Larson and Alicia Vikander. I’m not into the over the top  or weird dresses (sorry Cate Blanchett and my usual favorites Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Winslet) and Jennifer Garner’s dress was incredibly stunning and had that little pop of beading on it. Garner in my opinion always has the most amazing Oscar dresses when she attends the show. I haven’t been a huge fan of Brie Larson’s award show style, but this dress was beautiful. Loved the color and the beaded belt. I know people were comparing it to Belle’s yellow dress from Beauty and the Beast, but I loved Alicia Vikander’s dress. The color and shape was perfect on her and that is the dress you want to be pictured in when you win Best Supporting Actress.


I’m a fan of Rachel McAdams, but that isn’t the only reason why I’m picking this dress. Even though it was simple, the emerald color looked amazing on her and the train and slit had the dramatic effect the dress needed. Julianne Moore does not disappoint fashion-wise in my opinion and this Chanel dress can be added to her red carpet perfection. Loved the embellishments on it and that for a ball gown it wasn’t over the top. Elizabeth Kennedy designed two of my favorite dresses at The Golden Globes and I loved Mindy Kaling’s black dress with royal blue cape/train from the fall 2016 collection.


Tina Fey and Reese Witherspoon wore basically the same exact color dress, but I thought that Tina’s Versace dress was better. The dress is beautiful and Tina looked great in it. I usually am not a fan of Kerry Washington’s fashion choices at award shows, but I loved this leather Versace dress. This dress would have also been a perfect choice for the Grammy Awards. I don’t usually like all over embellished dresses, but if anyone can pull off that kind of dress it is Naomi Watts. She looked absolutely amazing in it and I loved the colors. She didn’t even end up picking out her dress, her boyfriend Liev Schreiber did and he made a great choice.

Photos courtesy of E!

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