Web Finds

Some of my favorite finds from the web.

Courtesy of domino.com
Courtesy of domino.com

Domino’s How We’d Style the Fuller House After watching the whole first season of Fuller House, not much changed in the set design for the living room and kitchen, but Domino’s ideas are amazing. The wallpaper that they picked for D.J.’s room in the photo above I’m in love with.

Courtesy of mashable.com

Peeps re-enact Hamilton One of my favorite times of the year is here, The Washington Post’s Peep diorama contest is here. I’ll be sharing more on that in an upcoming post but one of the entries for this year’s contest is Peeps re-enacting the hit Broadway show Hamilton that I am desperately trying to get tickets to.

Courtesy of designlovefest.com

Design Love Fest’s floral wallpapers Spring is almost here, but you can get a jump start on it with Design Love Fest’s gorgeous floral wallpapers.

2 thoughts on “Web Finds

  1. Did you realise that you published this on National Floral Design Day? I rarely realise what ‘day’ it is until it’s almost over and, even then, am never quite sure which nation is celebrating – but this is the perfect post to celebrate it.

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