Red Carpet Style: Golden Globes

Award season kicked off last night with the Golden Globes and my favorite part of award shows is the red carpet. I usually never see half of the movies that are nominated for the awards before the show airs so I just watch for the fashion.


My top four favorites were Kate Winslet, Maura Tierney, Laverne Cox and Lady Gaga. All of these dresses weren’t over the top, just really classic looks and styles and that is why I loved them. The color of Kate’s dress was beautiful. Maura and Laverne’s dresses were created by the same designer, Elizabeth Kennedy and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her simple designs that let the actresses shine on the red carpet. Lady Gaga had her Marilyn Monroe moment with the dress and hair and it was perfect.


I usually never like Jennifer Lopez’s style on the red carpet, it is always too over the top for me, but this look I think was one of her best yet. The color was amazing on her, the style of the dress was the right amount of classic and sexy with the slit. She really looked like an old Hollywood glamour girl on the red carpet. Gina Rodriguez has been one of my favorite fashion-wise on the red carpets and the blue ballgown looked beautiful on her. I love Jennifer Lawrence and at first I wasn’t liking her red Dior dress, but it grew on me as the show went on and I really liked the style of it. I think the necklace is actually what was ruining the dress for me. Tara Henson is another favorite of mine on the red carpet and her Stella McCartney was stunning, I just think it looked better without the train which apparently kept getting stepped on by everyone.

Photos courtesy of E!

3 thoughts on “Red Carpet Style: Golden Globes

  1. Hi! I just stopped by to let you know that I really liked going through your post! Very cool, interesting (and stylish too!) keep it up!
    Come check out my blog if you get the time, would love to know what you think!
    Keep blogging!
    Ps. Love these looks!

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