Butter Lane’s Cupcake 101 Class

My friend and I have a tradition where we spend a day in New York City around our birthday to celebrate. We’ve seen many Broadway and Off Broadway shows, discovered our favorite Mexican restaurant — Dos Caminos in the Meatpacking District — on these excursions, find ourselves usually always ending up at the Chelsea Market somehow and have sampled cupcakes from many different bakeries. With my birthday being in September and many shows closing on Broadway we decided to do something different on this outing and took a cupcake class at Butter Lane in the East Village.


I’ve stated on here before that I’m not a fan of baking. I love to cook but when it comes to baking I try to avoid it. With cooking if you screw up on something you can usually fix it, but with baking you have to be so precise and that is where it loses me. My friend feels the same way about baking so we decided to fight this fear together and feel better about eating the cupcakes since we would be making them. With Butter Lane’s Cupcake 101 class no experience is required. 


In the class you make three cupcake bases, vanilla, chocolate and banana. You split into three groups to create one of the cupcakes, my friend and I worked on the chocolate. Even though you are only making one of the cupcake flavors, you get to learn how the other two are made and you get to taste test all of them. While the cupcakes were cooling we created six different flavors of frosting, two for each group. We created the chocolate and chocolate peanut butter frosting, while the other groups created vanilla and vanilla raspberry  and cream cheese and cinnamon cream cheese. After the frostings were created it was time to decorate nine cupcakes to take home. We were shown how to create Butter Lane’s signature swirl, but I failed miserably at that and just stuck to my own frosting technique. 

Butter Lane's signature frosting swirl.
Butter Lane’s signature frosting swirl.


I learned I'm not the best cupcake froster.
I learned I’m not the best cupcake froster.

My friend and I had so much fun during the class learning how to create the cupcakes and then decorating them after. We actually felt confident enough that we could bake cupcakes on our own if we followed the recipes that Butter Lane provided us. The cupcakes were so good, they were so light and fluffy and the frosting was just perfect. I’m not a big banana fan, but the banana cupcakes were surprisingly my favorite, they had such a good taste. The vanilla raspberry frosting was my absolute favorite out of all and I definitely think I will be attempting to recreate that one at home. If a bakery near you offers a cupcake class, I highly recommend it.

Butter Lane is located at 123 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10009.

2 thoughts on “Butter Lane’s Cupcake 101 Class

    1. Same here and the class was the perfect thing for a cupcake lover because you feel more accomplished making your own bakery-level cupcakes.

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