Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

When you grow up within walking distance to the beach, I think you take it for granted. Five blocks separate me from the Atlantic Ocean, it is practically my backyard. I used to never classify myself as a beach girl even though I grew up in a beach community. I love the beach, but I love it more in the offseason, when I can have it to myself and not have to fight people for the perfect spot to lay out my towel. The ocean has always been my clear my head spot, when I need its solace I always go to it whether it is to walk along it, sit in front of it or go in it and it wasn’t until I started messing around with photography that I realized it was my inspiration as well. As much as I love flowers and exploring gardens and parks, when I get something new for my camera the first place I go to is the beach to try it out. The theme for this week’s photo challenge is inspiration, so here is to the ocean, sand, sea shells and boardwalk that inspire me.



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