Spotlight On: Eisenhower Park’s Dahlia Garden

The debut of my Spotlight On series took you around Eisenhower Park and to the rose garden now I’m  taking you to my favorite place in Eisenhower Park and my favorite photography spot on Long Island, the dahlia garden at Eisenhower Park. The dahlia garden I’ve refered to on here in previous posts as my secret garden. A few years ago when I found out Eisenhower Park had a greenhouse and determined to find it, I stumbled upon this beautiful dahlia garden that is unfortunately hidden from plain sight. Maintained by the Mid Island Dahlia Society the display garden is behind the park administration building. So unless you are parking your car to go into the administration building or are like me and make a wrong turn and have to turn your car around, you may miss this garden. Selfishly I like that not many people know that this garden exists since when I go to do photographs I rarely ever encounter another photographer that I have to fight for shooting time with, but these dahlias are so beautiful and deserve to be seen.  The dahlias are usually in bloom from mid-July until the end of October so if you find yourself at Eisenhower Park during that time, I highly recommend finding this garden and taking a look.









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