Spotlight On: Eisenhower Park’s Rose Garden

In last week’s debut of the Spotlight On series, I took you on a photographic tour of Eisenhower Park that did not include flowers, but for the second part of Eisenhower Park’s spotlight I’m showing off the rose garden. The Long Island Transplant Recipients International Organization (LI TRIO) maintains the rose garden. Located near the memorials at Eisenhower Park this small garden offers a  tranquil space to reflect and be surrounded by beautiful different varieties of roses.









3 thoughts on “Spotlight On: Eisenhower Park’s Rose Garden

  1. How beautiful the roses are! There have been so many beautiful colors that have been created. But I need a little education–is it true that all with all of the hybrids, etc., many roses no longer have the beautiful traditional scent?

    1. Thanks, I’m not really sure about the scent since whenever I’m out photographing the roses, I’m just overcome with the typical rose scent from the hundreds on roses that are budding that it is hard to pinpoint if any of the hybrids smell differently outdoors.

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