Spotlight On: Eisenhower Park

I’m kicking off a new series for Sky Blue Pink Design called Spotlight On. I love exploring parks and other places with my camera, but even though I take photos all over I only tend to share the flower photos on here. With this series, while there will be flowers, I want to expand and take you on a photographic tour through the other great things these places have to offer.

First up is Eisenhower Park, located in East Meadow, NY. Eisenhower Park is home to my secret garden, the Mid Island Dahlia Society’s gorgeous home to all varieties of dahlias that are hidden behind the park’s offices and not easy to spot. I came upon it by accident and very rarely do I have to share my photographing time with another photographer, I usually share it with some rabbits who live in the park. But Eisenhower Park has much more to offer than just flowers on it’s 930 acres. There are golf courses, tennis courts, sports fields, countless trails, an outdoor theater, an aquatics center and a newly opened ice rink. It is also the home to many memorials including Nassau County’s September 11th memorial. I used to work down the block from the park so I’ve spent many spring, summer and fall days exploring the park after work.










9 thoughts on “Spotlight On: Eisenhower Park

  1. The one with the building absolutely floored me! One day I will get myself into photography, Its on my bucket list. Really enjoyed these pictures.

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