DIY: Flower Push Pins

pushpin_mainWas one of your New Year’s resolutions to organize or DIY more? If it was than I have a simple DIY for you, flower push pins. I made a few to hang up by my desk at work and they are so simple and quick to make. Since most dollar stores sell fake flowers it isn’t an expensive project either. 


Supplies needed:

  • fake flowers – any size and variety you want
  • push pins
  • glue gun
  • scissor

Heat up your glue gun. Separate your flower from the plastic stem. Most flowers you can just pull off the stem, if not cut your flower down as far as you can without disconnecting any petals.


If your flowers have that little extra plastic piece that connects it to the stem like mine does above you’ll want to cut off as much of that as you can so the flower will stick better.


Apply a good amount of glue to the top of the push pin and attach your flower to the glue. Press and hold in place for 30 seconds and then place the push pin flower side up to dry for a few minutes.


Once the glue has fully dried, hang up and decorate as you wish!

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