My New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions, you either make them or you don’t at all. If you do make them, the struggle is keeping them. Some years I make resolutions, the typical ones, lose weight, drink more water, try to be healthier and by January 10, I’ve usually forgotten all about them. This year I decided to jump back on the resolution bandwagon and I felt that by posting my top three resolutions here that maybe I’ll actually stick to them.

resolution_createCreate. Since I am a graphic designer create shouldn’t be a hard one, but with this one I mean create for me. I have a portfolio site that desperately needs an overhaul, a ton of dahlia photographs from the summer sitting on my computer that need to be edited down and added to my Flickr account and beads that I keep buying that need to be turned into jewelry. This year I want to sit down even if it is just for a few minutes a day and just be creative for myself and create something whether it be graphic design, photography, a craft project or doing some sort of DIY work. Take time to be creative everyday.

resolution_exploreExplore. This one I kind of implemented in 2014, but I want to carry it over. One of my favorite things to do is to go exploring with my camera because I love being outdoors in nature. This past year I visited some beautiful gardens that I hadn’t been to before and fell in love with another garden, Old Westbury Gardens, that I had only been to before at night to see jackolanterns. Once the weather gets warmer and the flowers start to bloom I already have a list in my head of new gardens, nature trails and beaches to visit and some old favorites to revisit.

resolution_letgoGrow. In the fall of 2014 I left my job as a newspaper editorial designer that I had for eight years and took a job as a graphic designer for a nonprofit. I consider this switch a new chapter in my life and a perfect opportunity to make changes to things that hold me back. I came across the above quote on numerous Pintrest post and I really think it is a great mantra for 2015. Roadblocks that don’t let us be our best self can be things or people and this year I would like to remove those roadblocks from my life. Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye to things and people but sometimes it is necessary.

Grow also connects to create and explore because I have grand plans in my head for putting an Etsy shop together to try and sell my jewelry creations and photography. This year I would like to grow that from an idea in my head to something that actually exists.

These three resolutions do seem like they are easy enough to accomplish, here’s hoping that I can stick to them and if you’ve made resolutions that you can stick to them as well. Happy New Year, here’s to making 2015 an amazing year!

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