Year in Photos: My 10 favorites

With 2014 coming to an end tonight I wanted to share my 10 favorite photographs I have taken this year.

fave_1This is my favorite photo of the year. Luck was definitely on my side that night that this sunset occurred. I was on the beach that night for a beach volleyball game and we had just finished the last of our 6 games when this sunset started taking place. I’ve never seen a sunset so pretty before.

fave_2This was taken at Old Westbury Gardens and this photo says serenity to me. If I could crawl into a photograph and live there forever, it would be this one.

fave_3My favorite spot at Old Westbury Gardens, the walled garden. I made sure one weekend to get there when the gates opened so I could have this spot all to myself for taking photos.

fave_4This was taken in the rose garden at Old Westbury Gardens, I just love how perfect the rose looks.

fave_5When I have my camera in hand, I have absolutely zero fear of bees. This guy let me sneak up on him at the hidden dahlia garden in Eisenhower Park.

fave_6The Primrose Path at Old Westbury Gardens. There is not a spot on the grounds of the garden that aren’t beautiful.

fave_7Yet another from inside the walled garden at Old Westbury Gardens.

fave_8A lone daisy at Old Westbury Gardens.

fave_9A Betty Boop Rose (how can you not love that name) at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

fave_10One of the things I love the most about dahlias is how many different varieties there are. At my favorite dahlia spot, so many different varieties are on display.

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