No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

pumpkin decorating

Confession time, I’ve never carved a pumpkin or have even attempted to carve one. For as much as I love pumpkins I either stick with leaving them in their natural state as a decoration or I get crafty on them with a glue gun. There are so many ways to decorate a pumpkin without carving into it, that I’ve just never tried my hand at carving. I’ve rounded up 10 easy and affordable ways to decorate a pumpkin that don’t involve carving. Some of these I have tried in the past, one way I’ve even posted on here before.


Crayon pumpkin from The Swell Designer. I tried this out last year and not only is it easy, but who wouldn’t love blasting crayons with a hair dryer. I recommend doing this outdoors if you can because it does get messy even if you put down a drop cloth.


Autumn leaves from Good Housekeeping. Using tissue paper and Mod Podge the possibilities are really endless for this design. Plus it makes a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving.


Lace pumpkins from Honestly WTF. Using any color lace or fabric you want you can create an elegant pumpkin design.


Glitter pumpkins from Martha Stewart. I’m a believer in you can never have enough glitter in your life. You can get really crazy with these and do glitter designs like stripes and chevron.


Puffy paint pumpkins from Alisa Burke. I keep pinning these pumpkins on Pinterest to remind myself to try these. You can do any kind of design you want with the puffy paint for a 3-D effect.


Neon paint dipped pumpkins from A Night Owl. I love the way the white pumpkins look with the neon paint on the ends, but I also think they would look just as great in black with neon colors.


Rhinestone spider pumpkin from Better Homes and Garden. This is another one I keep pinning on Pinterest to tackle. The instructions call for rhinestones but I actually think if you could get strands of silver sequins that you can easily cut those may be easier to work with.


Lilly Pulitzer pumpkin from Pop Cosmo. Mod Podge and designer napkins are the secret to this gorgeous pumpkin. You can use any napkin or tissue paper design you want to create this.


Sugar skull pumpkin from Brit + Co. Perfect for Halloween or a Dia de los Muertos celebration. I love sugar skulls because they are meant to be colorful and you can have so much fun decorating these with flowers, hearts or whatever else you want to add.


Washi tape pumpkins from Art & Soul. I posted these on here last year. I used fake pumpkins for this, but you can use real pumpkins as well. The best part about washi tape is that it easily comes off so if you mess up or don’t like the design, you can just easily take the tape off and reapply. And since washi tape is every where now, you can find so many different colors and patterns to work with.

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