DIY: Dollar Store Flower Pumpkin

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I shared this pumpkin decorating posts a few years back, but since I was updating the photos for it, I figured I would share this easy and inexpensive way to decorate a pumpkin.

Yes, there really is a pumpkin under there. I came up with turning a pumpkin into a garden thanks to a pumpkin decorating contest at work. I had searched Pintrest for some creative pumpkin decorating ideas and when one of the ideas I found backfired on me at the last minute creativity struck and I decided to combine my love of flowers with pumpkin decorating. This makes for a great autumn decoration or centerpiece.

Aside from this being super easy to put together it is also really inexpensive to make thanks to the dollar store. The dollar store I frequent has a really decent size section of fake flowers and leaves to choose from. They also had the fake butterfly that I attached to one of the flowers, so for a total of $6 I ended up with three bunches of flowers, 2 bunches of leaves and some fake butterflies.

The things you can find at the dollar store.

Once home with my haul I cut all the flowers off of the plastic stems they are attached to and cut the leaves as far down as I could. Try to remove as much of the plastic stem as you can. You need to use a glue gun to attach the flowers and leaves to the pumpkin. I found that using a glue gun holds everything to the pumpkin better than regular glue, Super Glue or Gorilla Glue.

Starting with the flowers add some glue to the flower and adhere to the top pumpkin and hold in place for 5 seconds to help it set. You need to add the glue directly to the flower, adding it to any of the plastic that is left from the stem will not help it stick. If you are worried about seeing parts of the remaining stem, don’t be because that is where the leaves come in. Add as many flowers as you have or wish to surrounded the top of the pumpkin.

Once you have your flowers arranged in a way you like, add some glue to the leaves and adhere them starting from the bottom to the pumpkin and hold in place for 5 seconds. I added my leaves in layers since I had various sizes and that helped to fill in the gaps and helped hide the plastic stems.

I had the fake butterfly so once I was finished with adding the leaves I added a little bit of glue to the butterfly and attached it to the flower.

The finished project, a flower garden pumpkin.
The finished project, a flower garden pumpkin.

A super quick, easy and affordable DIY way to dress up a pumpkin.

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