By the seashore

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The Volcom 2014 Unsound Pro surf competition has been going on this weekend around the corner from where I live. Sometimes living so close to the beach has its perks. I headed down to the beach yesterday morning to check out the competition and while watching the surfers ride the waves and do some tricks I came across a ton of super small washed up seashells. Usually around this time of year we get the bigger seashells that wash up, I haven’t come across this many perfect small ones before. My first thought was I could turn the ones with holes in them into jewelry but then so many other art projects flashed through my head that I grabbed a handful of them to start creating with. Even though I filled a small glass on my shelf with all of the seashells I may have to head back to the beach tonight to grab some more. There are just so many possibilities on what to create with small seashells.

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