Are you ready for some football?

I’m not a football fan. I’ll watch football games and I finally understand the game, but I’m a baseball and hockey girl at heart. When it comes to the Super Bowl though, I will watch the game and not just for the commercials. My friends and I are having a mini-Super Bowl party so I decided to make a football field cake for the occasion.

I’ve made a football field cake before, two years ago when the New York Giants were in the Super Bowl I made this one with sprinkles to represent the grass and the Giants logo. This year since none of us has a favorite team in the game I decided to just make a standard field with green and white icing. I also did a little spin on making your standard cake mix from a box. I’ve stated on here before that I’m not a baker so box cake mix for me is always the route. I can cook from scratch but I’m not a fan of baking from scratch if I can help it. If I can make something healthier than it’s traditional way I’m always willing to give it a shot. I’m not talking about using applesauce instead of oil in the cake, I’m talking about using the cake mix and a can of diet soda. Yes, soda in a cake and it tastes great. I’ve also seen that people are adding egg whites as well to the cake mix and soda, so I tried it out this time. The batter turns out the same way if you made the cake using the ingredients on the box and has the same consistency when finished cooking in case you are worried about that.

Note: I was able to find green vanilla flavored icing. The last time I made the cake I dyed the vanilla icing green myself with food coloring which you can do if your local market doesn’t have the green icing.

Football Field Cake


  • Cake mix (I used Pillsbury Golden Butter Mix)
  • Can of Diet Pepsi (you can use any diet soda flavor you prefer)
  • 1/3 cup of liquid egg whites
  • Pillsbury Funfetti vibrant green vanilla icing
  • White decorating icing


Pour the cake mix into a bowl and combine it with the soda and egg whites. Mix thoroughly and transfer to a greased pan. Cook cake according to package directions for your size pan.


Once your cake is done, let cool completely before icing it.

cake_icedCover entire top of cake with the green icing and let it sit for at least an hour before creating the rest of your field.

cake_finishedMy finished cake. Since I didn’t have the tips for the icing, my lines and numbers didn’t come out as perfect as I would’ve liked them to. If you have the icing tips, I highly recommend using them because I’m sure they make it much easier to decorate.

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