Create a Chevron Pattern in Photoshop

I have a slight obsession with the chevron pattern. If I see something with the pattern, most likely I want to buy it. Lately when I need a background for a graphic I am making in Photoshop I’ve been making the chevron pattern. It is really simple to create in Photoshop so I figured I would share.

Chevron Pattern in Photoshop

1) Open Photoshop and create a document for the size you want your pattern to be. The size I used for this was 500 by 500 pixels but you can make it any size you wish.

2) Go to View–>Show–>Grid. Turning the grid feature on makes it easy to size the stripes you want and helps you line them up.

chevron shape

3) Go to shapes and choose custom shape tool. You want to select the second arrow option.

chevron first arrow

4) Draw the shape arrow on your document. You can make it as big or small as you like.

chevron rotate

5) Once you are satisfied with the size of the arrow you will need to rotate it 90˙ by clicking command and T. To make sure it is precise type in 90˙ in the transform angle space at the top of Photoshop.

chevron first row

6) Now that you’ve rotated the arrow it is time to keep duplicating the layer all the way across your first line. The easiest and most precise way I find to line up the arrows is to click on the first arrow and hold down option. Start to drag the arrow and hold down shift as well (you should have one finger on option and another on shift). This will help you ensure that your arrows are lined up together. You can also go into Layer–>Duplicate Layer as well if you find that to be easier.

chevron link

7) Once your first row is done, in the layer palette click on the first shape you made and all the copies and link these layers together and then merge them.

chevron second row

Once these are linked you just need to keep duplicating the layers to create your pattern. For mine once the second row was created I changed the color of that layer. Keep duplicating layers until you fill your document.

chevron final

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