DIY: Bead Earrings

earrings_finishedIn need of a last minute Christmas gift idea but don’t feel like dealing with the long line at the stores? You can create your own bead earrings to give as a gift. To expand on my last post, Just Bead It I decided to take a break from creating bead bracelets and give another accessory a try, earrings.

I have a ton of beads so I figured I would make some earrings to match the bracelets I’ve been making. These earrings are really easy to make and only take a few minutes to do a pair. Full disclosure it took me a few practice times to get the loop correct to end off the headpin. Its not as perfect as I would like, but if you give this a try don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a perfect loop right away.

I had all the supplies already in my bead stash, but you can easily find all of the supplies at your local craft store or online from my favorite bead wholesaler Fire Mountain Gems.

earrings_suppliesSupplies needed:
– 2 headpins
– 2 earwires
– beads of your choice (I used 4 8mm pearl beads and 2 6mm glass faceted rondelle beads)
– round nose pliers
– wire cutters or heavy duty scissors

Add beads to one headpin

Using your hand bend the headpin above the beads to around a 90 degree angle as best as you can.

earrings_pliersTake your round nose pliers and place them as close to your beads as you can in the angle bend. Start moving the wire with the pliers to make a loop. What I found best was to start the loop and reposition the pliers in the loop to round it off. Keep bending the headpin with the pliers until you have a complete loop.

earrings_loopOnce you are pleased with your loop take your wire cutters ( I was able to use a scissor) and cut off the remaining part of the headpin. Once the excess wire is cut off, using your round nose pliers open the loop on the earwire and connect your headpin loop. Close up the earwire loop and your earrings are done.

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