Street art

Photo courtesy
Part of Beastman’s mural in Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv. Photo courtesy

One of my top reasons for a return visit to Israel is the chance to see the murals in Tel Aviv created by artist Beastman  in person. His murals debuted in Israel in May of 2012, two years after my trip.

When I visited Israel, I saw that art is a huge part of the culture. Street art has thrived in Tel Aviv especially, there are tours dedicated to showing off some of the best creations.  On a trip to Israel you expect to visit historic sites, see amazing architecture and take a float in the dead see so street art might not make the list of things to see, but if you find yourself in Tel Aviv, its worth the time to walk around and see what the many artists have created.

Beastman, an Australian based artist has many murals decorating walls all over Australia as well as some other countries. You can view more photos of his art on his website.

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