No-bake Halloween candy


Every year around Christmas time I make something that is known as white trash candy. If you Google white trash candy, you’ll find a ton of different recipe variations to it. I call it the everything but the kitchen sink candy because you can add in whatever you want to the mix. I usually start with pretzels, Chex Mix and some kind of chocolate candy like M&M’s and then go from there. Since I’m heading off to a Halloween party tonight I figured I would make a batch of the candy to bring, but wanted to put a Halloween twist on it. I had my heart set on using the Halloween Oreos as the base for my candy, but after going to two supermarkets and having no luck finding them, I was stuck with the regular ones. When I think of Halloween candy, I think of candy corn so I decided to throw that in as well.

The great thing about making this candy is that it is so simple to do and between melting the chocolate and allowing it to harden it takes less than an hour for the whole process. The best part is, it is suppose to look messy so you don’t need to sit there and make sure everything is perfect. Plus it tastes really good.

Halloween Candy Trash


– 1 bag of chocolate chips ( I used Nestle)

– 1 bag of white chocolate chips  (I used Nestle)

– 1 teaspoon of olive oil or melted butter

– 1 package of Oreos

– 1 bag of candy corn

– 1 bag of M&M’s

– Halloween colored sprinkles

* You also need a baking sheet lined with either parchment of wax paper.


– Crush the Oreos and candy corn and keep in a separate bowl.

– Melt chips according to package directions. I melt my chips in the microwave. If you melt in the microwave just note that the white chocolate chips will take a longer time to melt than the regular chocolate chips.

– Once the chips are about 90% melted, add the olive oil or melted butter to the chips and mix. This will help keep the chocolate mixture a little bit easier to work with.

– Add the crushed Oreos and candy corn to the chocolate along with M&M’s and sprinkles and mix well.

– Once everything is covered transfer to your lined baking sheet and add some more sprinkles on top.

– Refrigerate for around 30 minutes or until chocolate has set. To tell if the chocolate has fully set, try and lift it off the paper, if it lifts cleanly than it is good to go.

– Once chocolate has set, break into pieces and enjoy.

Note: I made this in two batches, one for the white and one for the chocolate.

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