Washi tape pumpkins


My love for washi tape started a few months ago. I heard about it a few years ago, but it wasn’t until one of my favorite DIY sites Brit + Co. started posting projects involving washi tape that I saw just how creative you could get with one little roll of tape. Thanks to Michaels selection of special Halloween designed washi tape and my love of pumpkins I decided the perfect excuse to buying all the new designs of washi tape was to decorate pumpkins. Such a quick and easy way to make your pumpkins stand out. I used fake pumpkins but you could easily use washi tape on real pumpkins.

Washi tape is so easy to work with because it peels right off it you need to fix it. There are so many designs that its hard just to buy one roll and the project ideas you can use the tape for are endless. I have a Pintrest board dedicated to just DIY washi tape projects.

projects_allSome of the ways I’ve used washi tape to make my plain USB connectors a little bit prettier. The embroidery thread wrapped USB cord idea courtesy of Brit + Co.. I also covered the back of my iPod with washi tape in my favorite pattern chevron.

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