And it was all yellow…

One of my favorite places to spend the day on Long Island is in Riverhead, NY. Usually my trip out there starts with a stop at the massive outlet mall where I always spend more money than I plan on. After shopping I stop at the farms that are out there. What I like about Riverhead is you get the best of both worlds, urban living with things to do in town like shopping, a trip to the aquarium or water park, but you also get the country living aspect out of it with the farms and wineries. There is even a racetrack if you are into car racing. Its not NASCAR level racing, but I went a few years ago to take some photos and it is a cool thing to watch.

My favorite farm to stop at in Riverhead is Briemere Farms. A few weeks ago when I spent the day out in Riverhead, the day ended with a stop at Briemere for some fruit and vegetables. They also had bundle after bundle of sunflowers out to be purchased. Sunflowers along with dahlias are my favorite flower, so I had to stop from buying as many white cherries as I possible could to snap a few sunflower shots.




This photo taught me that I need to carry my macro lens around with me everywhere. I would’ve loved a macro shot of a bee on a sunflower.

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