Boardwalk remains

Cement and wood pilings are now all that remains of the Long Beach boardwalk.

The new normal in Long Beach, NY is a beach without the famous boardwalk thanks to Hurricane Sandy destroying the two and a quarter boardwalk. Construction on a new and stronger boardwalk is set to begin soon, but it will be strange when beach season kicks off on Memorial Day weekend and there won’t be a boardwalk. Not having a boardwalk is something that I’m sure people never thought they would see.

Going for a walk on the boardwalk is one of my favorite things, especially when spring hits. I’ve caught myself a few times thinking that its a great day for a walk on the boardwalk only for reality to set in a minute later. The other day the weather was too perfect to pass up a walk on the beach so I grabbed my camera, climbed the new sand mountains we have to keep the ocean from spilling into the streets and took some photos of the new beach scene we have.


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