DIY: It’s the great DIY flower pumpkin

This year at work we were having a pumpkin decorating contest. Last year when we had the contest, I forgot to bring my pumpkin home to decorate it so at the last minute I took my collection of Sharpie’s out and added polka dots to it. Needless to say, my pumpkin did not win. This year I decided to actually put my creativity to the test for my pumpkin. I could care less about winning the contest, but I just felt I needed to redeem myself for the lack of effort from the year before.

My blank pumpkin canvas.

Thanks to Pintrest, I found a bunch of ideas and was thinking of either doing a cat pumpkin or rhinestone spider pumpkin. I decided to go with the cat pumpkin because it had a little more to it. I learned a lesson when trying to put the cat together, spray paint and a styrofoam ball don’t go together. The spray paint will cause the styrofoam ball to start to flake and crumble. Cat idea scratched I was going to go with the rhinestone spider pumpkin because honestly, I wanted to make something sparkly.

The pumpkin I had to work with was on the small side so I wasn’t sure if the spider idea would actually work on a pumpkin of that size. I searched for other ideas, but I didn’t think anything I was finiding was creative enough. I started thinking of things I could make myself, since after all I do have a degree in art, I should put it to the test. Out of nowhere the idea hit me, get some fake flowers and leaves and make a garden pumpkin. I thought it was an idea that perfectly reflected me, since if you’ve read my blog before, you’ve noticed that I do love going to flower gardens and taking pictures.

My leaf variations.
Autumnal flowers.

I went to the local dollar store, got a few variations of fake flowers, leaves and they even had fake butterflies, an added bonus. I cut apart all of the flowers from the plastic stem they were connected to and I cut all the leaves down as far as I could so really no stem was left on them. Using a hot glue gun I first glued the flowers around the pumpkin. If you want the flowers to stick to the pumpkin, do not add the glue to the plastic stem for the flowers, instead if there are any leaves with the flowers add the glue to that. I first tried the stem but it would not stay on the curve of the pumpkin, but with the leaves it had no problem. After all of the flowers were attached I added all of the leaves. I did the leaves in a few layers. I had bigger sized leaves so I added those to the bottom first and then kept adding the leaves in various sizes to fill in the gaps and cover some of the stems. At the end I added some hot glue to a butterfly wing and attached it to a flower.

My flower garden pumpkin.

The end result actually came out better than I thought it would. It was so easy to make thanks to my hot glue gun and inexpensive thanks to the dollar store. As cute as I thought the cat and spider pumpkin ideas were, I’m glad I thought of this and was able to make an original DIY idea for my contest entry.

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