The Dahlia Garden

A few years ago by pure accident I discovered the dahlia garden at Eisenhower Park in New York. I say by accident, because this garden is hidden behind the park administration offices and there are no signs alerting you to it. I stumbled upon the dahlias when I was trying to find a way back to the main park road after leaving the greenhouse. Sometimes you discover great things when you are lost.

Every fall now I head over to the garden a few times to do some photos. Mid-September seems to be the best blooming time for the dahlias. Shooting this year was a little different since I have an iPhone. In one hand I’m shooting with my camera and in the other hand I was shooting with my phone.

The best part for me of taking the photos at the garden is that there is no one there. Its like my own private completely open to the public garden. I can spend as much time as I want shooting the same flower at all different angles and walk around the rows as many times as I want and not have to worry about messing up anyone’s shot. The only thing I have to contend with when I’m shooting there are the bees.

Some of my favorite photos from my last time at the garden. More photos can be found at my Flickr.

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