Shoot for the moon

A few weeks ago I finally decided to purchase a new lens for my Nikon D3000. I had been looking to upgrading from the standard 18-55mm lens that came with my camera to at least 200mm for about a year. I love doing beach shots and sneaking up on seagulls while I’m there, so I wanted a lens that offered me more zoom options. Thanks to July 4th sales, I was able to get a really good deal on a 70-300mm camera lens.

Once I started messing with my new lens I realized that I could probably get a decent shot of the moon. I waited until the next full moon came around and decided to give it a try.

I shot the moon on both manual and shutter and kept adjusting my white balance whenever I would switch between the moon, which lead to some light blue photos of the moon. The photo above was taken on shutter, ISO set at 1600, f 5.6, 1/4000 of a second.

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