The second shot

When I first bought my DSLR, I took photos of my local Memorial Day parade for the newspaper I work for. I spent my middle school and high school years marching in the parade because of band, so it was quite interesting being on the other side of the parade. Despite years of marching in the parade, I had never stayed for the whole parade until two years ago. Since it was my first photo assignment, I took pictures of everything, which was not the best idea I learned later that afternoon when editing photos. As a result of snapping photos of everything, I wound up taking one of my favorite photos, above. I never set the shot up, I was just clicking and when I reviewed my photos later I realized that I really liked the outcome I got with the wreaths.

I took that photo two years ago and ever since I have been trying to recreate it. It was a completely accidental shot, it couldn’t be that hard to recreate one that I would probably like better, right? I learned once you like something, it is so hard to recreate it. I tried shooting this photo at other parks, but nothing I ever liked more than the original one I took, so I gave up on trying to redo it. My local library is across from where these wreaths are so the other day after picking up some books I walked over and armed only with my iPhone took some pictures of the wreaths.

Taken with Hipstamatic using the Americana lens and Blanko Freedom film.

I spent so much time in the past photographing the wreaths and trying to recreate one of my first photographs, that I never really shot them from other angles to capture a different kind of shot. When I took this the other day, it was me finally trying something new on a photography subject I’ve become all too familiar with in the past two years and as a result I’m pretty happy with the shot that I got.

* * *

I got a notification from WordPress last week that Art and Soul has received 50 likes and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog. When I started this blog I honestly thought no one would read it and it really means a lot to me that people do read my posts, like them and comment on them. Thank you for reading what I write and introducing me to your sites.

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