Playing with my food

The macro extension lens I have for my camera is my favorite thing to take photos with. When I first bought it, I wasn’t thrilled with it, but then after testing it out on a bottle of nail polish and seeing the possibilities of the shots you can get, I love it.

The one thing I learned from experimenting with macro photography is that you need great lighting. If you are outdoors taking pictures of flowers and the sun is bright, you are in luck, but if you are shooting indoors and don’t have an external flash, your pictures will have shadows in them. Since I don’t have an additional flash for my camera yet, I decided to take fruit and a bright flashlight and test out if I could get some macro shots indoors without a shadow.

With the flashlight aimed at the fruit and my regular camera flash on, it did help in eliminating the shadow. Having an extra flash for my camera would be great, but until I purchase one, I’ll try out the flashlight trick.

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