Two weeks ago when I was contemplating writing this post after a discussion with a friend who is a professional photographer about photos taken with an iPhone, it would’ve went in a completely different direction. Our talk was spurred by receiving photographs from another professional photographer, all of which were taken on an iPhone as opposed to their DSLR. I love my iPhone and my camera is the app I use the most along with photo editing apps. As a graphic designer, I do sometimes feel like I am cheating on my graphic design education by editing photos on my phone, which I did post on Twitter a few months ago. I also do love my DSLR, but its not with me at all times, like my phone is which makes snapping a photo of something I’m walking past that just screams post me to Instagram that much easier.

One of my favorite photos I’ve taken with Instagram. If it weren’t for my phone, I never would’ve taken this photo because my camera wasn’t on me.

Instagram, I’m addicted, not ashamed to admit it. I don’t care if my photos get any likes or not on there, and I know that my photos will never make the popular page, but I love taking a picture and messing with the filters on there to see what the outcome will be. If I’m not editing photos in Instagram, than I’m using Snapseed or sometimes its a combination of both apps. I downloaded so many photo editing apps, but those are always my go-to ones. I did try reasoning to myself in the beginning when I was feeling guilty about editing photos on my phone that I did have the Photoshop app so I wasn’t straying too far from my education.

Lately I’ve started taking photos that I’ve taken with my DSLR and have already edited in Photoshop and I edit the original in Snapseed to see the different outcomes I can get. Sometimes seeing how I much I push the white balance in Snapseed leads me to editing a photo a different way in Photoshop.

When it comes to photography, I still consider myself an amatuer since I have no professional training and learn as I shoot. With taking photos on my phone, I’m helping to improve myself in photography. At the end of the day, I can still open Photoshop on my computer and know how to edit photos. I can change the way a photo looks without having the help of hitting a filter choice in an app. The day will come where wedding photographs are going to be shot solely on an iPad, its inevitable, but people who may have had no interest in photography or graphic design before having a smart phone, now are. When I chose to study graphic design, I didn’t have many options when it came to colleges where I could major in it. So many schools would let me minor in it, but I would either have to major in fine arts or computer science to go along with it. Today, there are so many more colleges that offer the program as a major and more are adding it. Now I can’t wait for the day when InDesign has an app and the Photoshop app allows you to path photos and then I can do my layout design job right from my phone.

I’m always looking for new photography apps to download, if you have a favorite app you’d like to share, leave it in the comments.

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