Just add water

While flipping through last week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, I came across an ad for Mio which is a liquid water enhancer. I honestly have no interest in the product, plain tasting water is good enough for me, but in the middle of the ad, it says drop this ad in water and watch your whole world change, I was a bit intrigued.

The original ad, making great use of white space.
Adding some water, you see there is another ad once you submerse the whole thing in water.
The new ad for the product once the original ad is completely covered in water.

After submersing it in water, if you give it some time, it dries and returns to the original ad, and you can repeat this process all over again. If you hold the ad up to a light, you can read the hidden message, but that isn’t as much fun as adding the water. It may not make me want to buy their product, but I give them credit for the very creative approach they took to advertising their product.

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