Let them eat cake

This week I’ve been a bit of a slacker with my Project 366, so instead I’ll share some photos of my cake making experience for the Super Bowl. I’m not a baking fan, I like cooking, but baking and I don’t really get along. Whenever I see pictures of a really great looking cake that the directions swear is so easy to make even the world’s worst baker can do it, I always say that I want to try it but I never do. Maybe its because I’m finally starting to understand football and that the New York Giants were in the Super Bowl, I decided to make a cake for the occasion. I did cheat and make the cake from a box mix, but the end results were a pretty cool looking cake, which never would’ve happened if I attempted to make it from scratch.

What I used:
– chocolate cake mix (to represent the dirt under the “grass”)
– vanilla icing
– green food coloring
– blue and green sprinkles

I love working with food coloring because I like the way it looks when you start mixing it.
And then it was all green…
Covering the whole cake so the logo and grass will stick.
New York Giants logo made out of blue sprinkles.
The rest of the cake covered in green sprinkles to look like grass.

Despite sprinkles being everywhere after I was done covering the whole cake, it was a rather easy cake to decorate. The original plan was to have white lines of icing on the cake to look like the lines of the football field, but once I started making them, it made the cake look bad, so luckily I was able to take them right off with a toothpick. I made a cake to honor the Giants and they won the Super Bowl, go figure. Baking, maybe you and I can be friends after all.

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