The secret garden

Eisenhower Park is a place I love to go and take photos at. Walking around the pond, you are bound to run into a few turtles, there are beautiful memorials to see and you can always just people-watch. My favorite part of the park, the Mid Island Dahlia Society’s garden is practically hidden behind the park administration building. You can barely see it from the road in the park and unless you know it is there, most likely you will miss it. I discovered it by pure accident, I was looking for the greenhouse and when I went to turn around and head back towards the park road, I stumbled upon it. I refer to it as the secret garden at the park and I can spend peaceful hours photographing the rows and rows of different varieties of dahlias that are there.

There are about six of these rows showcasing different varieties of dahlias.

More dahlia photos can be found at my website.

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