Font love

Since I work forty plus hours a week, sitting down to write detailed blog posts is sometimes the last thing I want to do. Throughout college, in all of my design classes, the one thing that was always drilled into my head was KISS (keep it simple stupid). So I’m revamping things a little bit here, keeping it simple and still showcasing the things in the design world that I love and that inspire me.

* * *

Any Futura fan like me would love this shirt.

A while back I came across a photo of a Helvetica t-shirt that I thought was great. Of course, I never saved the link of the place that had the shirt. I Googled Helvetica t-shirts, and while I didn’t find the one I was looking for, I did come across Modest Messages, a store with font t-shirts, magnets, buttons and more. There are a bunch of items with Helvetica sayings, but other fonts include my favorites, Futura and Garamond, Cooper Black, Avenir, Franklin Gothic and more.

What designer who works with typorgraphy would not love this kerning mug?

I feel unless you are a child or an elementary school teacher, you should not use the font Comic Sans. Now, there is help for Comic Sans abusers, Comic Sans Criminal. Check it out for a laugh.

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